DDC BC-avond Veenendaal 10 november 2021

Woensdag, 10 november 2021, door Volodymyr Dvernytskyi

Dit keer geen inetrnationale spreker(s), maar een paar internationale bezoekers, waaronder Volodymyr Dvernytskyi. Zijn verslag is ook te vinden op LinkedIn en we mochten het hier repliceren. Dank daarvoor, Volodymyr.

Last week I was on a business trip to the Netherlands with guys from Ukraine. By happy coincidence, there was a DDC BC Event at the same time. In addition, it was an offline format, which was not almost 2 years (if I'm not mistaken) due to COVID-19. Unfortunately today the situation with COVID-19 is getting worse in the Netherlands. But at the same time, we caught the last train and the event took place. I would like to point out that only vaccinated or tested people were allowed at the event, so safety was at a high level. This is my first experience participating in such events, so I would like to share my impressions and experiences.

At the beginning of the event was available buffet and drinks, and at the end of the sessions was "drink time" where people shared their impressions or just talked, the world of Navision and Business Central is so small that many people know each other :)

There were three sessions available, but only two could be attended at a time.

  1. Personalization in Business Central (functional) Speakers: Rob Gabriels and Peter Wijntjes
  2. Working with XML in AL (technical) Speaker: Arend-Jan Kauffmann
  3. Automated testing of your API (technical/functional) Speaker: Luc van Vugt

[Volg de links onder de sessietitels om de verslagen te lezen.]

As a developer, I was most interested in the technical sessions, so I chose 2 and 3.

Working with XML in AL

It was a great session that contained as much technical detail as possible. What can I say if Arend-Jan Kauffmann prepared only 2 slides :D And that's great! We went straight to the practical examples of how to work with XML in AL and what the difference with the previously used .net methods was. Basic XML data types like XmlNode/XmlDocument/XmlNode/XmlDeclaration and so on were covered. I'd also like to mention an interesting discussion about working with XmlNamespace. The session was entirely in Dutch, but despite my poor Dutch, I understood almost every idea thanks to the code on the screen. It's really cool that AL language is an understandable way to communicate for a BC developer from anywhere in the world!

Automated testing of your API

First of all, let me say that test automation is a very important topic, this is what will help you save your time and nerves. Yes, initially you will have to spend budget and time to create it, but I would call it an investment in your product, which will pay off in the future. I liked the unique specifics of this session when Luc reasoned about the proper test structure for the API. This is unique knowledge that you won't read/hear anywhere else (except maybe Luc's new book about automated testing :D). I want to note that comparing the structure of conventional and API tests very well contributed to understanding how to properly test the API.

En zoals we altijd doen op loaktie: een borrel achteraf. Wat bleven er veel lang hangen.

Verslag: Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
Foto's: Vincent van Rens en Dick Mauritz

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